Thursday, August 30, 2007

How much for an MP?

The Institute for Public Policies conducted an analysis on the monthly expenses a parliamentarian demands in his national activity. According to the study, a parliamentarian who participates in all the sessions and also activates as vice president in a Commissions causes budgetary expenses of some 24,000 RON (over 6,500 euros).

The most important of the expenses is represented by the hotel rooms rented for MPs (over 25%). One of the conclusions in the report is that the costs justify the re-opening of discussions on whether a special hotel for MPs should be built or not.

Sums cashed by parliamentarians cover a monthly amount for various actions, daily payments for trips in the territory or for visits abroad, gas / ticket money for days spend in official temporary displacements, a forfeiter amount as support for office expenses, money for the mobile telephony and Internet subscriptions., Aug 1, 2007


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