Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Victoria Beckham To Star In US Reality TV Show

Victoria Beckham, wife of football superstar David Beckham, is to star in her own reality show on US television chronicling her move from Madrid to Los Angeles, NBC television said Wednesday.

The as-yet unnamed show will be produced by Simon Fuller, the man behind the most popular reality show on US television, American Idol.

The six-part series about Beckham, known as Posh Spice from her days with the 1990s pop group the Spice Girls, will screen in the summer as her husband begins his US playing career with the Los Angeles Galaxy team in August.

"The series will give viewers a glimpse into what makes Victoria so popular and admired as one of the most glamourous women in the world," said Kevin Reilly, head of NBC entertainment publicity. "She makes news wherever she goes, and our audience can now become insiders in this fascinating personal view."

The Beckhams have three children, but according to trade paper Variety, the show will focus less on their family life and more on the challenges involved in transplanting a superstar's support system - publicist, stylist, personal assistant and more - from Europe to America. The show will also portray her shopping for a new home and car, Variety reported.

"This show is really something different. It's pushing the boundaries, and I think it's going to surprise a lot of people," Beckham said.

There was no indication of how much the deal is worth, though Variety described it as "very rich". David Beckham's five-year deal with the Galaxy is estimated to be worth some 250 million dollars, the vast majority coming from endorsements.

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