Sunday, February 18, 2007

Lottery Winners Sued As Nuisances

Portland is using a nuisance law to sue a couple who won the Oregon Lottery, saying their home is the scene of drug deals and fighting.

The Oregonian said the scenario described by the lawsuit against Elizabeth and Samuel Howard and two of their children is in sharp contrast to the one presented when the Howards won the lottery in 2005 and talked of helping young people addicted to drugs and alcohol. They accepted an $871,000 lump payment for their $2.6 million jackpot, the newspaper said.

The city's lawsuit seeks to board up the Howards' home for six to 12 months. It alleges a wild party scene with numerous police calls, public sex, drug use and fighting.

Police were called to the Howards' cul de sac 52 times between July 29, when the Howards moved in, and Nov. 24, The Oregonian reported. During the previous seven months, police were on the street just once.

Samuel Howard denied the accusations.

"I just feel like I'm a victim in the whole situation," he told the newspaper.
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