Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ghost Rider Review

When I saw the trailer for this movie I actually start to feel impatient because I wanted to watch this flick pretty bad. Plus I didn't see Nicolas Cage in a movie for a while, so a second reason to go and checked it out.

The day when I could watch the movie came and basically I was pretty much disappointed. Well, not that much because I already expected that from Hollywood. It's like a curse for them... every time they do a Marvel Comic related movie they pretty much screw it up. If they do a sequel of Ghost Rider maybe it's probably going to get better. That was the case for Spider Man... Or X-Men... They got a bit better in the sequels. Hellboy was not bad either and Guilermo del Toro deals with it, so I'm hoping for an even better sequel. So it depends what director they choose for the sequel...

But let's go back to our week-end issue: "Ghost Rider". This is a movie that stars one of my favorite actors Nicolas Cage and whatever actor for me... Eva Mendez. I actually didn't like Cage in this role, but not because he didn't play it good, but because it does not fit him. C'mon people, he's got that mellow, puppy sad eyes. Well, he can play a baddie role, but... this... an immortal dude who becomes a bounty hunter is too much. He's not... "spawn" enough and the script made him look too sappy.

But since Cage himself is a Ghost Rider fan, I can guess why he played this part. Probably he would do it again and for free. He even had to have his real Ghost Rider tattoo covered with makeup for some scenes.

Anyway, his story goes something like this: years ago, the daring stunt cyclist Johnny Blaze, our Nic Cage, was tricked into selling his soul to the devil to ease the suffering of his dying father, played by Brett Cullen.

What's funny is that the producers of this movie made it clear to us that in order to have an immortal soul, you have to give up your hot girlfriend, develop a taste for the timeless tunes of The Carpenters (how good it feel to be human) and being able to cheat death daily while performing the craziest aerobatics ever known to motorcycle.

So after Blaze sold his soul, he becomes the Ghost Rider by night, banishing the bad and collecting rogue demons for his eternally evil employer and he's expected to go and kill Mephistopheles' son, Blackheart - old enemy.

But let's not be so mean even if the flick just follows fairly standard, troubled hero rules, mixed with some horror movie clich├ęs. Whether you like it, hate it or just don't get it, this at least makes "Ghost Rider" an intriguing, maybe even witty experiment from beginning to end.

Now... because it's a movie based on a fictional story we need the special effects. These look pretty cool and clever, but I wouldn't argue with a person that would think that they look cheapish. And to think that they "threw" $120 million on the window only for the special effects.

Conclusion is that the movie isn't brilliant at all, but if you're a fan of Cage you can go and see it, for some strange reason you will like it. If you're a Ghost Rider fan you'll just get cranky and if you're none of them, you'll just be really bored.


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