Sunday, February 18, 2007

Escape the Bomb from AddictingGames

Maybe the drugs will help me defuse the bomb…

OK, I will give my short walk through since i have not completed the game yet. OK first pick up the piece of paper in the middle of the room. Next go to the beige drawers and open the top drawer get the screwdriver, then open the next drawer and pick up the cup and then pick up the cross. (For some reason you can put the cross between the two candles which I did). After that go to the computer desk and pick up the pill. Next pick up the piece of paper from the trash, unscramble it and it will have the characters "2-104420".

After that go to the clock in the room and click the right border of the clock, the clock should come off and then there will be a key, but don't leave, look for the battery slot on the clock and click it and then take the battery. After the key, go back to the beige drawers and click the key and then open the third drawer.

In the drawer should be more ripped up papers. Unscramble those to find the characters "C36965QT". Once you find those look at the other piece of paper and put them together as if they were ripped apart. Read the characters from left to right. It should spell out "C36926510QT4420". Now that you have that you need one more code. Go to the calender hung up on the wall. Flip to December and you will find December 25 circled saying "My Birthday" That is the code.

The date 12/25 (without the backslash) is the code for the master lock on the computer desk. Put 1225 in the lock and open the drawer. In the drawer are some scissors. Next go to the mini fridge and pull out the ice cube maker. Go to the faucet and fill the cup and ice cube maker with water, and put the ice cube maker in the fridge again(I haven't figured out what this is for yet).

After a minute the ice cubes should be frozen. Once frozen, observe the cup and put the ice cubes in the cup. The ice and water thing was completely useless at this point. Now go to the laptop. Type C36926510QT4420 into the computer code and then it will go to the main screen. This is as far as I can help you. Please if you get any more info post it. If I beat it I will post the rest.

First off, you don't have to do most of the things that AKA123 posted. If you want to have a very short version of what to do, here it is:
1. Go to the desk and unlock the lock with code 1225. Take the scissors

2. Put the codes together, and enter C36926510QT4420 in the password field on the computer.

3. Click under the dresser, and get the other screwdriver. This is on the bottom left side, under the shelf with the cross. This is the only screw driver you will need. It will unscrew the compartment behind the calender

4. Look at the right side of the dresser, on the bottom, and click. You will find another key. This key will open the compartment behind the calender. Get the lighter.

5. Go to the computer and go to safe mode setting 2. Execute this. This will allow you to cut the yellow wire next to the desk, that disables the infrared sensor on the bomb outside the door.

6. Take the lighter, and put it up to the smoke detector on the ceiling. An alarm will sound, then stop, and just wait.

That's it. You don't need anymore stuff. The bomb in the room, is not to worry about. Hope I didn't spoil it for anyone. But you seemed to want to know.


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